Chengsu Chen

Kat’s Yoga Brunch Club

During my brief stay in Barcelona, I had a chance to attend my first Airbnb Experience called Kat’s Yoga Brunch Club. I did yoga, had the best holistic brunch, and became inspired by Kat and her mission to spread the message on how guided yoga/meditation and holistic nutrition has transformed her life for the better. I created this guide book for Kat as inspiration to further develop her personal brand. Since the primary booking transaction happens digitally, it’s especially important to maintain a strong social media presence.



FBNY Partnership Team Logo

I was asked to design a logo for the Partnership Solutions team in the Facebook New York office for their team letterman jacket. I designed a few variations of the logo with some notable New York City's icons. The team's tie to the Brooklyn bridge is a nod to one of the city's iconic monuments as well as their mission of bridging solutions. These logos were designed with the potential to be created into embroidered patches as well.