Chengsu Chen

Interning at Apple

While I cannot disclose the details of my project, I can say that I spent the summer conducting research, interviewing stakeholders, and collaborating with graphic designers and editors to create content for Siri. I also spent a brief amount of time helping my team write tips for the Tips app. 



Instructional Design Intern


3 months (Jun - Sept 2017)

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Writing for the Tips app

I worked with the lead editor on my team to write a few tips for iOS 11. This tip was published in the Featured collection of the Tips app in the release of the iPhone X.



Interning at Google

In 2016, I had the chance to work with the Google Play team as a UX Design Intern for the Play Store. With the support of my team, I researched and designed features for My Apps & Games. Additionally, I assisted in UX research, helping craft surveys and usability studies. While I cannot display samples of my process, I can tell you about how I spent my summer at Google.



UX Design Intern


3 months (Jun - Sept 2016)

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  1. Implemented the "Sort By" feature

  2. Introduced the Updates tab to surface app updates

  3. Renamed the tabs "Installed" and "All" to “Installed” and “Library” for clarity

  4. Added a card in Updates for displaying security messages

  5. Enabled displaying in-line app usage information

Google is rolling out a small but significant update to the Play Store, adding in a refreshed My Apps screen that makes it much easier to manage everything you have installed.

Project timeline

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What I learned

This was the first time I got to design for Android and really understand Google's Material Design. Being a part of a Google's design process was truly an enriching experience. Spending my summer working alongside engineers, user researchers, visual designers, and product managers has really shaped my own experience as a designer.