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Facebook Pixel sharing

→ Product Designer
→ 2017
→ Ads Measurement team



Throughout 2018, Facebook has been working on improving transparency and accountability in our advertising system from removing Partner Categories to introducing new requirements for custom audiences. As a continuation of these efforts, we’re adding new controls for sharing the Facebook pixel and offline event sets.

What's changing?

In order to begin sharing business tools with another business, you’ll need to define your business’ relationship with the business you want to share data with and review and reaffirm your compliance with our existing sharing terms.

The sharing controls will act as a safeguard to ensure that we have a two-way agreement any time user data is collected using our Business Tools, and is shared between businesses on our platform, making data sharing more secure.


Initiating the request

This relationship must be initiated and accepted by an admin on each side. Assets can be shared/un-shared at any point, however, this does not remove the association with the recipient business. Once the relationship between the two businesses is established, it cannot be undone.

Initiate Request.png

Receiving the request

The partner who is being granted access will receive standard Business Notifications and as well as an email notification. They can go into Business Manager to accept the share, and there is no penalty for not completing the flow, other than an inability to share a business tool.


This project has helped broaden my system-level product thinking. I was also able to foster strong collaboration by working with other teams tackling similar challenges.

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